Henderson Aaron

My third great-grandfather Henderson Aaron likely died young and didn’t leave many clues except a few random records of his existence. My goal is to find out who his parents were. My grandfather took a DNA test, which I hoped would lead to finding our Aaron kin, but I haven’t been able to connect the dots yet.

Henderson Aaron was born about 1822. On the 1850 census, he is 28, living in Stewart County, Tennessee, and married to Mary Ann “Sis” Rumfelt. They have three children listed with them. By the 1860 census, Henderson is gone, and Mary is listed under her maiden name with five children.

Henderson & Mary’s children:

Elizabeth Betsey Bettie Aaron Martin (abt. 1844 – 1914)
Elmira Catherine Aaron Fitzhugh (abt. 1846 – 1882)
Ebenezer John Aaron (abt. 1847 – aft. 1930)
Tennessee Aaron Green (abt. 1853 – unknown)
Eli “Hawk” Aaron (1858 – 1931) my second great-grandfather

Sometimes there are clues in the children’s names. The oldest daughter, Elizabeth Betsey, was named after Mary’s mother, Elizabeth Betsey Jenkins Rumfelt. The oldest son, Ebenezer John, got his first name from Mary’s dad, Ebenezer Rumfelt. Elmira was nicknamed Elmiry, which was also Mary’s sister’s name. (She later went by Catherine.) Eli or Elijah was Mary’s oldest brother’s name. It’s possible there are clues in the other children’s names about who Henderson’s parents were.

Henderson is an uncommon first name. His mother’s maiden name could have been Henderson. It’s a common naming practice.

John may have been his father’s name. Ebenezer John could have had both of his grandfather’s names.


Timeline & Records for Henderson Aaron:

Born about 1822.

1830 Census: Unknown. Would have been 8 years old and living with parents.

1840 Census: Unknown. Would have been 18 years old. Likely still at home with parents.

1845: Henderson Aaron (Grantor/Seller) to Jonathan Skinner (Grantee/Buyer). Kind of instrument: mortgage. Page 15, Book 174. Description: personal property.

1850: Henderson Aaron (Grantor/Seller) to J.W. Wall. Kind of instrument: trust deed. Page 16, book 490. Description: various household property and livestock, in debt to J. R. Hooks

1850 Census: Stewart County, Tennessee. Living next door to in-laws (Mary’s parents: Ebenezer & Elizabeth Rumfelt). 28 years old. Wife is Mary, children are Elizabeth, Elmira and Ebenezer.

8 Oct. 1850: U.S., Selected Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, in “Stuart, Stewart County, Tennessee”, Schedule type is Agriculture. He’s listed underneath his father-in-law, Ebenezer Rumfelt.

1860 Census: Probably died before this census. Wife and kids are in one household without him.

12 June 1914: Daughter Bettie dies. Her death certificate lists parents as “Wm. Aron and Sis Aron”. The abbreviation Wm. means William. Was this a mistake or was this Henderson’s first name? Information was reported by Bettie’s son-in-law, Jake (Jacob) Coffel, who was married to her daughter Mary. Bettie lived with them for several years until her death.

20 Jan 1931: Son Eli “Hawk” dies. Death certificate lists his parents as “Henderson Aaron and Sis Rumfelt”.


There ARE other Aaron families living in Stewart County, Tennessee while Henderson is and before his birth. They are more than likely related, but I don’t know how.

AARON Records in Stewart County, Tennessee:

1804 – 1840: Stewart County, TN Name Index to Tax List.
Jacob Aaron ∙ 73
John Aaron ∙ 27, 48, 58, 72
Preston Aaron ∙ 29

1808: Stewart County, TN tax list. John Aaron is in the section under Capt. Allen.

1808: Stewart County, TN tax list. Preston Aaron is the “returned to clerk” section. He has 125 acres on Hurricane Creek.

1808-1812: Loose Court Minutes. Ordered by the Court that John Aaron be appointed overseer of the road from William Cooley’s up Dyers Creek to the Barrens, and all hands above Maj. Gray’s on both sides of the Creek work under him. Page 74.

1810: Stewart County, TN tax list. John Aaron is in the section under Capt. Ross.

1811: Stewart County, TN tax list. John Aaron is in the section under Capt. Ross.

1811: Stewart County, TN tax list through Ancestry. Jacob Aaron is listed.

1813 – 1819: Stewart County, TN Court Minutes.
Jacob Aaron 19, 60
Joel Aaron 60
John Aaron 60, 117, 123
John Jacob Aaron 13, 117

1814 – 1815: War of 1812 records. Capt. James Gray’s Company, 2nd Regiment, West TN Miltia, 13 Nov 1814 – 13 May 1815. Muster roll lists Private John Aaron as “sick absent”.

7 Aug 1815Stewart County Bonds and Settlements, Book 3. John Weatherford, Alsey H. Bradford, John Aaron, administrator’s bond for Thomas Weatherford, page 107

1819: John Aaron – File name: Bradford, Benjamin (Trustee of Stewart Co.) vs Buckingham, Thomas for a tax collection dispute. 19 pages.

1819: John Jacob Aaron – File name: Bradford, Benjamin (Trustee of Stewart Co.) vs Buckingham, Thomas for a tax collection dispute. 19 pages.

1819-1828: Stewart County, TN Court Minutes.
David Aaron · 302, 379, 380
John Aaron · 184

1825: John and Rachel Aaron get a divorce. I had the case information pulled in hopes of children’s names, but there wasn’t any additional information in the file. For reference, Serial No. 30, Chapter/Section 103.2. Case note says, “husband and wife, Rachel receives property rights as a feme sole.

1828 – 1831Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes lists William Aaron on pages 76, 82, 87, 91, 92, 93, 101. No further info about what is included.

1829: David Aaron – File name: Aaron, David vs Colson, William K. Debt for horse. 15 pages.

1830: Census lists Rachel Aaron (age 30 – 40) live with a male (age 5 – 10), female (5 – 10), female (10 – 15), and female (15 – 20).

1830: Census lists William Aaron living with a male (under 5), female (age 5 – 10), and wife (age 20 – 30).

3 Jul 1837: Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, Volume D (June 1836-June 1840) (108) sale of Benjamin W. Tayloe by administrator John Tayloe; buyers include John Barnes, James Collier, William Norrid, William Bell, Hardison Daniel, Nathan A. Winters, R. M. Jenkins, Wiley Sexton, Martha Tayloe, James Poston, John Turpin, Tilman Sexton, James Hagans, Allen Sexton, Anderson Sexton, John Tayloe, James Blount, William Hogan, Curtis Hornberger, William Williams, John Randle, Green Moody, Royal Broadway, Richard Tayloe, James Campbell, William Aaron, Hymon Tayloe, Jason Merrick, Abraham Philips, William Mainard

1844: William Aaron bought from the State of Tennessee #17770 a deed for 100 acres on the waters of Indian Creek. (Page 15, book 253)

1845: William Aaron sold to James W. Williams a trust deed for a yoke of oxen and cart. (Page 15, book 246)

1848: Criminal Circuit Court Cases. William Aaron. File name: State vs. William Aaron for assault and battery. 2 pages.

1848: William Aaron – File name: Rutland, W. C. vs Aaron, William for a debt judgment of $18.05. 19 pages.

1849: William Aaron sold to Hiram Vollentine a trust deed for various property, in debt to the estate of Jonathan Skinner. (Page 16, book 354) ****NOTE: In 1845, Henderson Aaron sold a mortgage/property to the same man, Jonathan Skinner.

1849: William Aaron sold to William B. Cherry a trust deed for 215 acres, 2 tracts in District 7. (Page 16, book 407)

1850: William Buckanon Aaron bought from S.W. Kelly a sorrel colt. (Page 18, book 410)

1852: William Aaron – File name: Aaron, William vs Adams, Robert T. for a plea of debt. 2 pages.

1853: William B. Aaron bought from John Scarborough’s heirs by Thomas J. Munford, clerk & master of Montgomery Co. a deed of 115 acres on Indian Creek. (Page 18, book 293)

1853: William B. Aaron – File name: Shackelford, J. O. (admr of Scarborough, John) vs Scarborough, John’s heirs for “land purchased by William B. Aaron of Montgomery Co.” 4 pages.

1855: William B. Aaron & William Aaron sold to George W. Bufford a deed for 2 1/4 acres on Indian Creek. (Page 19, Book 175)

1855: William Aaron – File name: Aaron, William vs Woods, Payne & Co. for a debt. 2 pages.

1855: John P. Aaron – File name: Aaron, John P. vs Duncan, John T. for a $40 debt. 5 pages.

1856: William Aaron sold to Right T. Daniel a trust deed for 100 acres of land in District 7, plus personal property in debt to William B. Cherry. (Page 19, book 434)

1857: William Aaron – File name: Penix, William R.; Kelly, Cynthia Ann vs Aaron, William dec’d. [deceased] land dispute, Indian Creek, 32 pages

29 Jul 1857: William Aaron in Stewart County newspaper, name index (This is probably a death notice, see above entry.)

1859: William B. Aaron sold to Nathan Brandon a deed for 115 acres on Indian Creek, adjoining the Dover town tract. (Page 21, Book 42)

1860: William B. Aaron & others sold to Edward S. Winn & I.S. Banister a deed for 100 acres in Indian Creek. (Page 21, book 489)

1860: William Aaron’s heirs received receipt of payment from S.E. Cherry admx. by William B. Cherry to R.T. Daniel for a tract of land. (Page 21, book 535)


A BIG THANK YOU to the Stewart County Genealogy page at tngenweb.org/stewart for a lot of these records. They have one of the best county sites I’ve seen. If you are doing research for Stewart County, Tennessee, you have to visit their page!

Another great resource: Stewart County Archives Available Holdings

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