Dennis Family of Stewart County, Tennessee

Samuel Benjamin Dennis was born about 1786 in Maryland. His wife, Sintha or Sinthey, was born about 1789 in Kentucky. They began their family in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

To summarize, Samuel & Cynthia lived in Davidson County, TN definitely from 1809 – 1833. By 1837, they moved to Stewart County. Their KNOWN children are listed below. They had more children than those listed, but I haven’t been able to find their names yet.

  1. Samuel Feland Dennis (abt. 1810- ?)
  2. Mary Ann Dennis (abt. 1815 – abt. 1875)
  3. Thomas Dennis (abt. 1819 – 1884)
  4. Jane Dennis (1822 – 1909)
  5. Narcissa Dennis (1824 – ?)
  6. William Dennis (1881 – ?)

Let’s start with census records. This is an information dump. It’s a lot to take in, but I hope it’s useful to someone.

In 1820, Samuel Dennis is living in Davidson County, Tennessee, age 26 – 44. (He would have been 34 then.) The census also lists two males under ten. (One is son, Thomas. The other would have to be eldest son, Samuel Feland Dennis.) There are two females under ten. (One is daughter, Mary Ann.) There is a female age 10 – 15. His wife is age 26 – 44. (Sintha would be about 31.)

In 1830, Samuel Dennis is living in Davidson County, Tennessee, age 40 – 49. (He would have been 44.) The census also lists one male under five, one male five to nine, and one male 20 – 29 – that’s three other males besides Samuel. There is one female under five, two females five to nine (Narcissa and Jane), one female 10 – 14, one female 15 – 19 (Mary Ann), and one female 30 – 39. (Sintha would be about 41.)

4 March 1832 – Mary Ann Jane Dennis marries John Etherage in Davidson County, Tennessee.

In 1840, Samuel Denis (with one “n”) is living in Stewart County, Tennessee next door to John Etheridge, husband to his daughter Mary Ann. Samuel is listed as 50 – 59. He was 54. There is one male under 5, one male ten to 14, and two males 20 – 29. (William was 12 and Thomas was about 21.) There are three females under 5, one female 10 – 14 (Narcissa), one female 15 – 19 (Jane), one female 20 – 29, and one female 40 -49. (Sintha would be about 51.)  *There was a likely an adult son or daughter and their spouse living with them, along with their kids.

In 1850, the Dennis family is listed twice in Stewart County. Samuel is listed under Samuel and Benjamin.

  1. Benjn Denniss 63
    Ceyrtha Denniss 56
    Thomas Denniss 31
    Jane Denniss 25
    Narcissy Denniss 23
    Henry Denniss 7 (Thomas’s son with Julia Ann Shaw)
    Mary Denniss 6 (Thomas’s daughter with Julia Ann Shaw)
  2. Saml Dennis 64
    Lilly Dennis 61
    Jane Dennis 28
    Narcissey Dennis 26

Also in Stewart County in 1850 is the Etheridge family, with Dennis sister Mary Ann.

John Etherage 39
Mary Etherage 35 (maiden name Dennis)
Hester Ann 17
Pemina 15
David 11
Dennis 9
Narcissy 7
John 5
Mary 4
Adaline 15
William 1

In 1860, Samuel, Sintha and Narcissa disappear from the census records. Jane and Thomas are living together in District 7.

Thomas Dennis 41
Jane Dennis 35
Henry Dennis 17
Martha Dennis 13
Charlot Dennis 5
Palestine Dennis 3
Thomas Dennis 2

In District 4, Post Office Tobacco Port, is the Etheridge family.

John Ethridge 47
Sarah Ethridge 48
Mary E Ethridge 45 (Dennis)
Adoline Ethridge 23
Dennis Ethridge 19 (Common practice to name a son after mother’s maiden name.)
Harcissas Ethridge 16 *Narcissa (named for Mary’s sister)
Mary Ethridge 14
John Ethridge 12
William Ethridge 10
Samuel Ethridge 8
George Ethridge 6
Susan Ethridge 5
Betsey Ethridge 2

It’s important to note that many families were skipped during the 1860 census in Stewart County.

In 1870, the family is on the census twice again. Samuel died between 1850 and 1870. We don’t have an info to narrow down the time frame. This family lives in District 9 of Stewart County.

  1. Syntha Dennis 72
    Narcissa Dennis 43
    Edward Dennis 13
    Thomas Dennis 20
  2. Sidda Dennis 80
    Narassa Dennis 46
    Dennis Thomas 19 (Thomas Dennis)
    Edward Thomas 12 (Edward Dennis)

In 1870, siblings Jane and William were still living together also in District 9, Stewart Co.

Thomas Dennis 57
Charlotte Dennis 15
Palistine Dennis 13
Thomas Dennis 11
Jane Dennis 48


Also in District 9 in 1870 was the Etheridge family. Mary is living with daughter Adaline. The Lancaster family is buried in the Dennis Cemetery, where Thomas Dennis and his family are buried.

Richard Lancaster 30
Adaline Lancaster 32 (daughter of Mary)
Sammy Lancaster 5
Robert Lancaster 3
Virginia Lancaster 2
Mary Etherige 50 (Dennis sister)
Bill Etherige 21
Mary Etherige 19
Sanny Etherige 18
George Etherige 15
Isaac Etherige 12
Mollie Hobman 6

Also in 1870, brother William lived in District 7 with his family:

Wm Demons 41
Ann Demons 35
Pinkney Demons 12
Wm Demons 11
Saml Demons 8
James Demons 4

In 1880, Sintha is not on the census record, which is understandable since she would have been 94. Sisters Jane and Narcissa live with their brother Thomas on Panther Creek in Stewart County.

T. W. Dennis 60 (Thomas)
Lotty Dennis 34
T. M. Dennis 21 (Thomas Milton Dennis)
Jane Dennis 56
Narcis Dennis 52
Eward Dennis 23 (listed as nephew)
Wm. Dennis 22 (William – listed as nephew)

In 1880 on Dyers Creek, brother William lived with his family. *Note that his son William is not in his household, but now living with his Uncle Thomas above.

William Dennis 50
Mary S. Dennis 44
Jas. W. Dennis 12
Ephraim Dennis 9
Lorenzy D. Dennis 6
Mary S. Dennis 2m
Samuel R. Dennis 16

20 May 1884 – Thomas W. Dennis dies.

In 1891, during the Enumeration of male voters in Stewart County, William Dennis lists his age as 30. In Houston County (neighboring county made out of Stewart County lands), E.W. or Edward Dennis lists his age as 32.

In 1900, Narcissa disappears from the census records, along with Edward. In District 9, we find Jane and nephew William.

William A De*Is 35 (William A Dennis – head of household)
Jane H De*Is 79 (Jane H Dennis – listed as William’s mother)

The census taker likely made a wrong assumption. Jane is his aunt. William is the son of her brother William.

28 Apr 1909 – Jane Dennis dies.

For more information on Narcissa and Edward (Whit) Dennis, please click here.

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