Edmond Mansel Tidwell,Civil War Casualty

screenshot-2017-02-07-at-11-42-13-amEdmond Mansel Tidwell, my third great-grandfather, lost his life during the Civil War in 1863. He died in Cheatham’s Field Hospital, which was likely near Shelbyville, Tennessee at the time. Cause is unknown, as well as his burial location.

Edmond was born July 26, 1832 to Malachi Tidwell and Margaret “Peggy” Meek in Dickson County, Tennessee. At the age of 26, on February 24, 1859, he married Amanda Tate in Dickson County. They had one child together, Edmond Leonidas “Lonnie” Tidwell, born March 18, 1860.

As the Civil War raged across Tennessee, Edmond joined Confederate troops and enlisted in Company K, Tennessee 11th Infantry Regiment on December 12, 1862. His cousin Franklin Fulton Tidwell was the leader of Company K.

From service records, we know he was likely at the Battle of Stones River. He was a teamster or wagon driver.

A few short months later, he mustered out on March 16 or 17, 1863. (See below for Civil War records. One record says 16, one says 17.) It’s not known if he died from sickness or injury. He was only thirty years old.

Amanda was a widow at 19. Lonnie was a day shy of three years old. So young, with heavy grief to bear.

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