Gower Island

Gower (or Gower’s) Island is a 16 acre island in the Cumberland River. You can see the island if you travel down River Trace, off of Ashland City Hwy/Hwy 12 near Nashville/Ashland City, Tennessee.

This island was settled about 1780 by the Gower family, who came with the Robertson/Donelson flotilla. They were a part of the first permanent settlement in Nashville.

Abel Gower Sr., my eighth great-grandfather, called this island home for a short while until he was killed by Native Americans at Clover Bottom on November 10, 1780. His family and descendants continued to live in the area of Gower Island, Bull Run, and on the south side of the river near River Road and Gower Road.

There have been books and stories written about the Gowers, but none are definitive and I don’t want to speculate here. I plan on researching the Gowers more, but I wanted to share some photos I took of Gower Island from River Trace. If you have a chance to see in person, it’s worth the trip. It captivates your imagination about what life would have been like in the late 1700s on the Cumberland River.


8 thoughts on “Gower Island

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  2. Nelson Tomlinson

    By boat we have noticed old farm equipment still on the island , could be a Haybailer an a hay rake not sure , would love any info on this island 👌🏼

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  3. Philip Russell

    I too am a distant nephew of James RUSSELL who married into the Gower family & buried in Gower Cemetery… such a small world


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