Famous Cousins: I’m Related to Luke Bryan?!

Have you downloaded the We’re Related” app from Ancestry? The free app compares your Ancestry family tree to those of celebrities to tell you which famous people you’re related to. However, I would caution taking many of the matches seriously. The app has matched me with many famous people, but when I view our common ancestor, it’s someone I’m not even related to or it says “private ancestor”.

There are a couple of celebrities that I think I might really be related to, which is interesting.

Luke Bryan, my 8th cousin

  • Our common ancestor is Daniel Cato, born about 1733 in Virginia, and his wife, Patience Harris.
  • I descend from their son Roland, his daughter Sally, her son Norfleet Jordan, his son Drewry Jordan, his daughter Nancy Jordan, her son Hiram Harper, his son Fred Harper, my mom and then me.
  • Luke descends from their daughter Lucy, her daughter Sarah Valentine, her son Barrachias Massey, his daughter Obedience Massey, her daughter Laura Pickens, her daughter Tommie Roberts, her son Hugh Bryan, his son and then Luke.

Blake Shelton, my 5th cousin 3 times removed

  • Our common ancestor is William Byrd Sr., born 1742, and his wife, Elizabeth Betsey Hill.
  • I descend from his daughter Susannah, her son Thomas Gilbert, his daughter Elizabeth, her son William Dial, his son John, his daughter Waymon, her daughter Ruth, my mom and then me.
  • Blake descends from his son Joseph, his son Joseph, his son Obediah, his son Bud, his daughter, then Blake.

If you want to “double check” your famous cousins, here’s an easy way: start with your common ancestor, and follow their tree down to the celebrity. This isn’t a guaranteed way to have proof, but you’ll get to see if there are any obvious flaws to We’re Related‘s calculations.

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