Civil War Veterans

I am a descendant of at least eight Civil War veterans. Their names are listed below, along with a link if I have a blog post about them.


Joseph Kernell
Private, 50th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Company H
1830 – 1883
Survived the war

Bartemus Pack
Private, 84th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Company E; 28th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Company I
1823 – 1863
Died in Shelbyville, Tennessee

William Stokely Pigg
Private, 8th Tennessee Infantry, Company I
1838 – 1915
Survived the war

Green Allen Franklin Pylant
Private, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Company D
1845 – 1920
Survived the war

Edward A. Russell
Private, First Tennessee Infantry, Maney’s / Feild’s, Company G, Brown Guards
About 1832 – about 1864
Likely did not survive the war

Edmond Mansel Tidwell
Private, 11th Tennessee Infantry, Company K
1832 – 1863
Died at Cheatham’s Field Hospital, Shelbyville, Tennessee

Tarlton Watson
Private, 49th Tennessee Infantry, Company K
1819 – December 2, 1862
Died in Jackson, Mississippi

Oliver C. Windsor
Private, 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company E
1840 – 1910
Survived the war
Posted September 24, 2018
Updated March, 25, 2020

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