Green Allen Franklin Pylant

Green Allen Franklin Pylant, my third-great-grandfather, was a farmer and Civil War veteran who lived most of his life in southern middle Tennessee. I created a records timeline to take a deeper look into his life.


29 June 1845 – Green was the oldest of at least five children born to Nancy Tucker and Gabriel Pylant. He was likely born in Lincoln County, Tennessee. His uncle’s name was “Green Allen Pylant”, so Green Allen was a family name. I don’t know where “Franklin” came from. His full name “Green Allen Franklin Pylant” is listed on his daughter Minnie’s delayed birth certificate. (Tombstone, Census Records)

1850 – Five-year-old Green lived with his parents and two younger siblings in District 9, Lincoln County, Tennessee. They lived next-door to his paternal grandparents, Margaret and Pinkney Pylant. (Census)

1860 – The Pylant family is absent from this year’s census.

18 May 1861 – When he was only 15 years old, Green joined the Eighth Regiment Infantry of Tennessee Volunteers, Company G of the Confederates. Two of Green’s uncles, Francis Marion Pylant and Gray Jackson Pylant, were also members of Company G. Green was signed by Gen. D. R. Smith at Camp Harris for 12 months. Company G later became Company D known as “The Norris Creek Guards” in 1862. Green fought under T.A. Yant. (Civil War Records, Company Muster Rolls)

Camp Harris was a confederate training camp established in 1861 near Estill Springs, Franklin County, Tennessee. It was abandoned in 1863. (Source: Fort Wiki)

May and June 1862 – Green appears on company muster rolls. He was last paid by A. J. Brown on 28 Feb. 1862. (Civil War Records, Company Muster Rolls)

Aug. 1862 to about Mar. 1863 – Green’s uncle, Francis Marion Pylant, was on sick leave at home. (Civil War Records, Company Muster Rolls)

3 Jul. 1863 – Green’s uncle, “G J Pylant” or Gray Jackson Pylant, deserted and appears on a list of men who took an oath of allegiance. (Civil War Records, Company Muster Rolls)

9 Jan. 1864 – On a company muster roll from Dalton, Georgia, Green is listed as “discharged by an act of congress.” *I am unsure what this means for Green. (Civil War Records, Company Muster Rolls) See the Library of Congress’ Civil War Conscription Laws article and Wiki article. 

14 May 1864 – Green’s uncle Francis Marion Pylant dies in Resaca, Georgia. He is buried at home back in Lincoln County. His tombstone says, “Sleep, soldier, sleep. Thou hath done thy part. __ rest with ____” (?) (Tombstone, Pylant Cemetery, Lincoln County, Tennessee; Civil War Records)

28 Sept. 1864 – Now 19-years-old, Green joins Morton’s Battery. (Civil War Records, Oath of Allegiance, Unfiled records)

15 – 16 Dec. 1864 – Green may have taken part in the Battle of Nashville as part of Morton’s Battery.

21 Dec. 1864 – Green deserts the confederacy according to his oath of allegiance. (Civil War Records, Oath of Allegiance, Unfiled records)

G. A. F. Pylant
Pvt. Morton’s Batty
Name appears as signature to an
Oath of Allegiance
To the United States, subscribed and sworn to before R. M. Goodwin, Capt. & Asst. Pro. Mar. Gen’l, Dept Cumb., at Nashville, Tenn., at the dates set opposite the respective names, 1865.
Feb. 11, 1865
Place of residence Lincoln Co., Tenn
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Volunteered or conscripted Vol. Sept. 28, 1864
Deserted Dec. 21, 1864
Where to report Shelbyville, Tenn. Feb. 11, 65
Remarks: No family
X Name appears in column of names as Green A. F. Pylant

Indorsement shows: “Oaths of Allegiance of Rebel Deserters taken at Nashville, Tenn.”
Hd. Qrs. Prov. Mar. Gen’l, Dept. of the Cumb’d, Nashville, Tenn.; Roll No. 574; sheet 9
(signed) B. J. C. Duroll (???)

11 Feb. 1865 – Green appears on a list of prisoners of war in Nashville, Tennessee. He is said to be released on this date.

11 Mar. 1865 – Green appears on a list that calls him a “rebel deserter”. See below for full text. (Civil War Records)

Green A. F. Pyland, Pvt. Morton’s Batty
Appears on a list of rebel deserters ordered to report monthly to the Provost Marshal at Shelbyville, Tenn., by Provost Marshal General, Dept. of the Cumberland.
List dated Hdqrs Dept. of the Cumberland, Office Provost Marshal General, Nashville, Tenn., Mch. 11, 1865.
Residence Lincoln Co. Tenn.
Complexion fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Remarks: To report to Pro Mar at Shelbyville, Tenn.

17 Oct. 1867 – Green married Rachel Elizabeth Moore in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He was 22 and she had just turned 19. *The names Rachel and Elizabeth are used interchangeably on future records.

7 Sept. 1869 – Green bought land from P.O. George and Mary Ashby a tract of land for 900 dollars in notes. The 54 1/2 acres were on the middle prong of Norris Creek in Lincoln County. (Lincoln County Deeds, F-2, page 255)

1870 – The Pylant family lived in Lincoln County in the Mulberry post office area. Sarah, age 1, was listed as the only child in the home. Green was a farmer, with real estate worth 700 and a personal estate of 400. (Census)

The 1870 agriculture schedule listed Green with 25 acres of improved land and 29 acres of unimproved woodland. His farm was worth 700 dollars, with farming implements and machinery worth 50 dollars. He had two horse, two milch cows, 13 sheep, 23 swine; his livestock were worth 285 dollars. He had 115 bushels of winter wheat, 375 bushels of Indian corn, 50 bushels of oats, 20 lbs. of tobacco, 14 lbs. of wool, 10 bushels of sweet potatoes, 10 lbs. of butter, 27 ? Hhds. (1,000 lbs.) of cane sugar, and S 27 ? gallons of molasses. He had 50 dollars of manufactures and 160 dollars from animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter. The estimate of all farm production, including betterments and addition to stock, was 400 dollars.

23 Mar. 1870 – Green and Rachel sold land to W.E. Moore. The 200 acres on Norris Creek in Lincoln County belonged to Rachel’s father, Andrew Moore. (Lincoln County Deeds, F-2, page 94)

17 Apr. 1873 – Green sells 3 acres in the 6th district of Lincoln County to H. Whitfield for $250. (Fayetteville Observer)

2 Nov. 1874 – Green and Rachel sold to Joseph Pamplin and G.W. Brown 54 1/2 acres on the middle prong of Norris Creek in Lincoln County. Pamplin and Brown paid them $400 and paid P.O. George $450 for note against the Pylants. (Lincoln County Deeds, L-2, page 444)

1875 – The family lived in Oak Hill, Lincoln County, Tennessee. (Death notice, Fayetteville Observer, 1875)

10 Dec. 1875 – Green’s daughter passed away. Her name is unknown. The below article ran in the Fayetteville Observer on 16 Dec. 1875.

GAF Pylant daughter died
DIED: In this county, in Oak: Hill, Fri., 10th inst., of diphtheria, a daughter of Mr. G.A.F. Pylant, aged about 4 years.

3 Dec. 1876 – United Friends of Temperance was organized in Oak Hill with thirty members. Green was given the position of “O.S.”. (Fayetteville Observer, 7 Dec. 1876) The temperance movement was a social movement against the consumption of alcohol. Learn more.

21 Jan. 1878 – Green was elected warden of the Odd Fellows (I. O. O. F. / Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Lodge #139 in Oak Hill, Lincoln County, Tennessee. (Fayetteville Observer, 31 Jan. 1878)

GAF Pylant Oak Ridge

14 Mar 1878 – An article in the Fayetteville Observer doesn’t mention Green by name, but gives more details about the Oak Hill Lodge. It was located on Norris Creek and met every other Saturday.

odd fellows details

1880 – The family had moved to Bedford County, Tennessee sometime before 1880. Bedford County borders Lincoln County to the north. Thirty-five-year-old Green was working as a sawyer. Children Sarah, John, James and W. Henry were listed.

1889 – According to Green’s youngest daughter’s delayed birth certificate, Minnie was born 11 Sept. 1889 in Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee.

1890 – Census was lost for this year.

1900 – Green, Elizabeth, Mattie and Minnie are living in Civil District 23, Lincoln County, Tennessee. This census page is badly damaged and some information is lost.

1910 – Green and Rachel are still living in Civil District 23, Lincoln County, Tennessee; their home is on Plemons Creek Road. Rachel states she has had a total of eight children with only three living. [I believe this is in error. She likely had 8 children, but 3 had passed away and 5 were living at this time.] A 34-year-old single man named George Street lives with them as a laborer on a farm — it’s unclear if he works on the Pylants’ land.

1920 – Seventy-four-year-old Green and his wife were living on Fayetteville Road in Civil District 23, Lincoln County. He is a farmer that owns a farm. His youngest daughter, Minnie, and two of her children, Sarah and Ola, were also present. Green, Rachel and Minnie are listed as all able to read and write. (Census)

2 Feb. 1920 – Green, at age 74, dies in Kelso, Lincoln County, Tennessee from Bright’s disease. His death certificate incorrectly lists his name as Greenfield; his father as Galen Pylant; mother as Pepper. Informant unknown.

According to FindAGrave, Green and Rachel Elizabeth are buried in Kelso Cemetery in Kelso, Lincoln County, Tennessee. His tombstone states his name as “G.F. Pylant”.

12 Nov. 1920 – An inventory of the goods of Green [G.F. Pylant] was brought to Lincoln County, Tennessee court. His administrator was J.M. Pylant, who I assume was his oldest son, James. At the time of his death, Green had $600.00 in United States bonds; $491.43 from a land sale note; $180.00 in cash in Elk National Bank; and one Ford roadster.

Children of Rachel Elizabeth and Green Allen Franklin Pylant

Sarah Catherine Pylant

Daughter Pylant
1871–1875 *As listed in the Fayetteville Observer. Name unknown.

James Marion Pylant

John Wesley Pylant

W Henry Pylant 
1879–1881*Death date comes from Ancestry family trees. Unproven.

Mattie Pylant

Lernar Mary Pylant
1887–1888 *Name, birth and death dates come from Ancestry family trees. Unproven.

Minnie Lee Pylant, my second-great-grandmother

Green’s Military Service

We are unable to know the full scope of Green’s confederate service and which battles he fought in. We do know he started off as part of company G/D “The Norris Creek Guards” in the 8th Regiment Tennessee Infantry in May 1861. Sometime between July 1862 and Jan. 1864 he was discharged. He then volunteered for Morton’s Battery in Sept. 1864. We do not know the circumstances of his “desertion” said to have occurred 21 Dec. 1864. He was listed on a prisoner of war list then released 11 Feb. 1865.

Green’s Appearance

I would love to see a photo of Green, but have not seen one. We do know from his Civil War records that he was 6’2″ with fair skin, brown hair and hazel eyes.
Originally posted April 5, 2020

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